Update your Co-provider/Trainer Profile

On an annual basis, as a NFA co-provider/trainer you are required to update and upload the required evidence/documentation for re-registration.

NFA only require you to resubmit information that is no longer current or compliant. Please do not resubmit information that has not changed.  

You can update your details throughout the year.

As a co-provider/trainer it is your responsibility to ensure your details are current and compliant.

NFA will audit co-provider files on a regular basis.

Should your details not meet compliance requirements it is our duty to risk manage this non-compliance and your terms of the co- provider agreement. On approval you will be forwarded a Co-provider Agreement to sign.

Thank you for your ongoing partnership.

VRQA guidelines and AQTF Essential Standards clearly outline the requirements for documentation to be kept on file for trainers/assessors. As a co-provider, these regulations also apply. Therefore, to become accredited to use National First Aid’s accreditation and courses, you must complete the application form below, ensuring ALL relevant documents are included.

VRQA guidelines and AQTF Essential Standards information


1.3 The provider must provide information about its management systems.

Required evidence for registration of all RTOs

Details of

• staff records management system and administration capacity, including arrangements that are in place to ensure that for each training and assessment staff member the following verified or certified and/or signed documents are held by the RTO

  • trainer skills matrix – signed by trainer/assessor
  • assessor qualifications – verified by RTO or otherwise certified
  • vocational qualifications – verified by RTO or otherwise certified
  • CV signed by trainer/assessor
  • professional development activities – verified and/or signed by trainer/assessor
  • position description
  • employment contract/agreement

B) AQTF Essential Standards

Standard 1: The applicant has strategies in place to provide quality training and assessment across all of its operations

Standard 1.4

The applicant (RTO) has a defined strategy, procedures and measures to ensure training and assessment services are conducted by trainers and assessors who:

(a) have the necessary training and assessment competencies as determined by the National

Quality Council or its successors, and

(b) * have the relevant vocational competencies at least to the level being delivered or assessed, and

(c) can demonstrate current industry skills directly relevant to the training/assessment being undertaken and

(d) continue to develop their Vocational Education and Training (VET) knowledge and skills as well as their industry currency and trainer/assessor competence.

* How can I demonstrate vocational competency?

Trainers and assessors must be able to demonstrate vocational competencies at least to the level being assessed, for example either by holding the specific qualification to be delivered or assessed, or by demonstrating equivalence of competency at the unit level. Evidence used to demonstrate equivalence of vocational competency may include consideration of relevant past training, including consideration of superseded and pre-existing industry qualifications, experience, and professional development. Equivalency is most commonly demonstrated by an individual through mapping his/her past training, experience and ongoing professional development against the unit of competency. This process may or may not identify gaps that require to be addressed.

A person who has vocational competency will be familiar with the content of the vocation and will have relevant current experience in the industry. Training Packages may include advice specific to the vocational competencies of trainers and assessors.

Recognition is at the discretion of the employing RTO and is subject to AQTF audit.

If you are able to comply to the requirements outlined in the VRQA guidelines and AQTF Essential Conditions and Standards above and you wish to proceed with your renewal please submit your information on the form below for consideration.
NOTE: Please have all required documents ready to upload before you begin as you as your submission must be completed in one sitting. This form will time out after 60 minutes if not completed and you will need to start again.