Welcome to 2018!

Hello and welcome everyone.  I trust you all had a well deserved break. 

Co Provider Resubmissions

For those whom have not resubmitted, we ask that you do this as a matter of priority please.

Sue (NFA) is now undertaking full role in Compliance Manager with Beatrice as support. Sue is currently completing trainer file audits and will be in touch with you in the coming days to let you know what additional documents are required.

Trainer compliance has become a major issue for the regulator & RTO quality and auditors are paying very close attention to this under their audit requirements. Participation in VET professional development is a compliance requirement that must be met under the standards for RTOs and is an ongoing responsibility that the trainer must maintain.

We will be working on a policy with guidelines for NFA trainers/Co providers about industry competency. A VET professional development schedule for 2018 is underway to help you meet your PD requirements.

Please be aware if that you do not submit the required documentation, your trainer file will become non-compliant which may result in suspension and any course documentation submitted after this will not be processed.

Regards Kym