Defibrillator Hire/Rental

Defibrillator Hire/Rental …. the low cost  option

AED rental/hire on short or long-term periods, to suit your needs.

The Defibrillator so small and light (less than 500g) and meets all the requirements of a modern day AED.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest can occur without warning and at any time. A defibrillator may save a life.

Hire an AED for your Duty of Care / Risk Management

• Workplace / Manufacturing / Building sites: short / long term.
• Schools: Events / Sports / Fete / Excursions
• Sports / Athletics / Clubs / Equestrian
• Weekend Events – Cycling, Fun Runs, Festivals

Hire an AED for your holiday / trip / weekend away

Light portability is of the essence

• Thinking about a short driving holiday or weekend away?
• Interstate campervan / touring
• Trip to Kokoda
• Around Australia caravan trip

NFA provides rental defibrillators

Enquire about hiring a defibrillator



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