Resuscitation controversies – tonight, 8.30pm on SBS

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Resuscitation concerns all of us, whether we teach it, practice it or have been the recipient of it, and the NSW branch of the Australian Resuscitation Council is working to increase the awareness of the size of the problem and the need for us all to work towards a solution.

Heart disease is still the number one killer of both males and females in Australia, and NSW has poor rates of survival compared to some other Australian states and territories, and particularly compared to location such as Seattle and London.
In Seattle a cardiac arrest victim has a 56% chance of survival, and in London a 32% chance, itself an improvement of over 6 times from the chances 10 years ago. In NSW a cardiac arrest victim has approximately a 10% of survival, and without immediate bystander CPR and early defibrillation the chances go down by 10% each minute.

The topic of cardiac arrest and survival is the subject of a controversial episode of Insight, the SBS program dealing with topical issues. This episode features cardiac arrest survivors, relatives, health professionals and others with fascinatingly divergent views, from New York to Australia, and also features doctors at the forefront of research and practice in resuscitation.
The Chair of the NSW branch of the Australian Resuscitation Council, Clinical Associate Professor Paul Middleton is a guest on the program, and features prominently in the discussions.

Please watch or record this episode of Insight which is being broadcast tonight, Tuesday 6th August, at 8.30pm.

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