Hello Co Provider Team
Nikki is currently back working in the NFA office 2 – 3 days per week and in 2017, will be permanent 3 days per week.
Kay and Danielle are a brilliant support team for Nikki and they will continue to assist you with the submissions and any queries you may have leading into 2017.
Vicky (Beatrice) is also a key figure with Co Provider issues and works with Nikki to ensure overall compliance.
This notice is to clarify several specific issues with the upcoming submission on or before 31st December 2017.

As a Co Provider you must ensure that your details are current / up to date and submitted electronically.

The new Co Provider profile renewal sections enable you to submit only relevant current and up to date information. NFA does not require additional copies of documents that are unchanged (eg CV, ABN) or that are still valid and in date ( eg WWCC, Police Check – 5 year validation date)

The main areas that NFA will be targeting will be current certificates, insurance policies, WWCC & Police check VIT cards (if applicable) documents with a valid date, along with the Skills matrix and Professional Development.
Skills Matrix – Please ensure you complete this form in FULL detail

RELEVANT VOCATIONAL OR ACADEMIC UNIT ACHIEVED (CODE AND TITLE) This means your current First Aid Statement of Attainment or degree – please list the code and date completed.

CURRENT VOCATIONAL EXPERIENCE (JOB/ ROLE TITLE REFLECTING) Current experience, job, role in the first aid, medical industry

NFA requires all relevant and current PD you have undertaken throughout the past year. NFA is not able to accept a written statement such as “Annual update”. Please provide dates and codes of any PD you have completed within the last 12 months. E.g. School nurse – School sporting events, camps swimming carnivals you may have attended as a “First Aid Officer” Any volunteer work etc – please list dates.

Reference to your LLN if you have completed within the last 12 months, relevant website subscriptions, or a member of relevant website to receive updates and notifications in the VET sector. NFA Professional Development days (please provide dates)

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT –Vocational Education and Training Industry Reference and or evidence to PD undertaken throughout the year – School nurses are required to attend PD to maintain registration – copies of your PD will be fine. NFA Professional Development day (dated), Asthma foundation update etc.
From January 1, 2017, Co Providers who have not completed the re submission process will unfortunately be unable to access the NFA Co Provider link. Any application for Statements of Attainment thereafter will unfortunately not be processed or honoured until your Co Provider re submission has been received and signed off. This is a very strict compliance requirement. Thank you for understanding.

Please email or call us if you need any assistance.

Regards Kym.