Dear Co Providers,

Re USI data (Standard 3.6)

USI compliance department recently conducted analysis of reported USI’s for all RTO’s (2016).  Regretfully, NFA has fallen below the average reporting rate required.

Prior to this notification, NFA was undertaking proactive measures to help meet USI compliance requirements and you would have noticed that various Statements of Attainment were not being issued.

NFA is now enforcing strict USI requirements.

Statements of Attainment WILL NOT be issued unless correct USI information can be verified by NFA.

If a submitted USI is incorrect (ie data does not match),  NFA will immediately notify and it is your responsibility to please ensure that you obtain correct USI information from the attendee concerned.

An amended course enrolment form (to be issued shortly) will further assist NFA to verify their submitted USI details.

Kind Regards

Kym Eden

Managing Director