Dear Co Providers,

In accordance with VRQA Guideline 4.3- Independent validation of training and assessment qualifications, NFA must conduct an independent validation of its assessment system, tools, processes and outcomes.

To comply with the requirements, NFA is scheduling two validation / professional development dates being:

• Saturday 29th July 2017
• Saturday 26th August 2017.

In addition to the validation I intend to provide you with a professional development session and to update you on NFA changes.

NFA is hosting two dates to provide flexibility and enable two separate units to be validated.

It is a requirement that you attend at least one of these dates.

This is also a very good opportunity to network.

NFA is currently updating training & assessment materials / units of competency ranging from HLTAID001 to HLTAID004.

On Saturday the 29th July we will be validating HLTAID004 (Provide Emergency FA Response in an emergency & care setting).

On Saturday the 26th August, we will be validating 22300VIC (First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis).

To ensure your currency in CPR we will also be updating your CPR/AED accreditation on the day (Certificate of Completion must be provided on the day – further details to follow).

NFA has also invited a professional “snake handler” who will provide an update on current best practices for envenomation (live snakes will also be attending).

We would appreciate that you make yourself available for at least one session.

We also look forward to your attendance on the day.

Kym Eden
Managing Director