Dear Co Providers,

I am taking this opportunity advise you of what lies ahead regarding our future at National First Aid.

NFA is expecting a 2 day audit from VRQA within a fortnight and we are bracing for very close scrutiny.

We all now understand that delivery and assessment of accredited first aid training across the board has seriously changed and if NFA (like other RTO’s) does not measure up and meet the strict criteria, we may DE REGISTERED.

ALL first aid RTO’s are under the microscope and this is largely due to the fact there are many seriously dodgy providers engaging in non compliant practices.

NFA is not one of them and I am confident that our procedures and requirements are being adhered to. Rest assured, NFA WILL NOT be de registered.

NFA is strong and moving forward with exciting prospects ahead.

Danielle has recently joined our team in administration, she processes all Statements of Attainment “on the day” – have you noticed the 24 hr turn around time?

Beatrice is on our team as a Compliance consultant and she closely checks all incoming document submissions. This is a great support base for all of us and it ensures we are delivering and assessing correctly.

Nikki is at the helm and she is tirelessly helping / assisting / guiding you with all the tricky requirements.

Gavin as you know, STOPS all non compliances so his job is quite difficult. He is the backbone of our compliance department and keeps us all honest.

I am writing the new 2015 text book and this will encompass updated information relating to HLTAID003 / 004 / 006 and 007. The revised Asthma and Anaphylaxis books are now in circulation.

We are simplifying assessment criteria and program documentation and this will help you navigate through the required information. This will ease your stress and workload.

NFA is working toward registering with The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) in the near future and this will open up more exciting opportunities for everyone.

We have many new ideas, exciting plans and good projects in place to look forward to. I am very driven to help and assist you to achieve your individual and business goals.

We are all an efficiently working team and I sincerely thank you for you continued ongoing support.

Further information will be available at our forthcoming validation and moderation meetings.

Keep up the great work and I will keep you informed.

Kym Eden
Managing Director
National First Aid
R.T.O 3981