Hello everyone.


HLTAID units of competency namely AID001 to 004 have been updated to reflect ARC guidelines. Effective 16th October, 2014. They are still deemed to be equivalent units and basically revert back to the old HLTFA requirements for CPR.

As a reminder please be aware that the HLTFA units will be superseded by HLTAID units as of 30th October 2014 (transition arrangements).
This means that Statements of Attainment will not be issued for the HLTFA units trained after the 30th October, 2014.

The main change relates to the length of time when performing CPR. When assessing, CPR must now be performed for at least 2 minutes or 5 cycles for both compressions and ventilations.

CPR on an infant may also be performed on a hard / firm surface such as a table.

The assessor requirements have also changed.

Please review the revised units of competency from training.gov.au (enter the course code).

Please share my frustration – one day, common sense may possibly finally prevail.

Regards Kym