Dear Co- Provider,

I apologise for the time between co provider news. Today is my first day back to NFA for approximately a month.

There are a few items that I wish to inform you about:

1. Participant Theory Assessment and on line Textbook

The online assessment theory test is now operational for HLTAID003 and HLTAID004. The on line theory questions are exactly the same as the hard copy test however the online assessment is designed to be self correcting ie you cannot move to the next question until the previous question is correct. This implies that the participants need 100% pass mark.
Based on this design, obtaining a 100% is achievable. At the end of the theory assessment participants are automatically emailed a certificate of completion. Participants print this off, sign it and bring it along to the training session.

You are to sign / date this certificate where indicated also and then attach it to the unit assessment for Statements of Attainment submission to NFA. Participants who are not IT savvy can still print a hard copy and complete. You will need to mark this and attach it o the unit assessment.

2. Co-Provider annual re-submission

As you are aware the new RTO reforms will be effective 1st April. Until then NFA is be busy organising the new compliance requirements which includes a new Co Provider agreement and obligations. To coincide with this timing we have had to delay the re-submission until after 1st April. We will keep you informed as we progress through the changes and how they will apply to you.
If you wish to read more about these changes you can follow this link:

3. Unit Assessments

Further to NFA validation sessions before Christmas, the required minor changes to the unit assessments were made and the companions on the Co-Provider log in section are now updated and current.
Please ensure that you are using the latest version material – we understand that you may need to ‘run out’ printed copies but NFA will only accept superseded documentation for a reasonable period only.

Regards Beatrice (Quality Compliance).