Dear Co-Provider,

Happy New Year.

I do hope you are all rested and looking forward to a successful and happy 2016.

We have just reviewed the 2016 resubmissions that were due by the 31st December 2015.

Regretfully, only a few have resubmitted. For those who have resubmitted you will soon be advised of any further requirements or you will be receiving a new agreement for signing in the mail.

For co-providers that have not resubmitted please be advised that any training that you do commencing 1st January 2016, NFA cannot issue you with statements of attainment.

Therefore, please do not mail any documentation to NFA until you have been notified of your successful re accreditation. Any documents forwarded to NFA for processing will be returned at your cost.

NFA understands that you may have overlooked the resubmission due to school holidays, Christmas holiday period and have therefore extended the submission date now to 29th February 2016.

It is your responsibility to resubmit your outstanding compliance requirements as NFA specified last year after auditing your files, NFA will not issue statements of attainment until your details are all compliant.

If you do not submit your documentation by then, NFA will then only process any resubmissions monthly and at the end of each month. You will then need to wait another month for co-provider approval and statements of attainment.

I trust you understand that NFA is required to comply to VRQA requirements and takes all necessary steps to meet those requirements. NFA is required to submit your details to VRQA in 2016.

For your information, in 2016 the requirements have changed, Co-provider agreements will now be notifiable to VRQA effective 1st April 16. (refer below)

The VRQA Guidelines for VET Providers have changed to reduce the regulatory gaps between Victoria’s and the national RTO standards(ASQA) which came in to effective 2015.

When and how does an RTO need to notify the VRQA about a third party agreement?

An RTO must notify the VRQA of the third party agreement:

  • within 30 calendar days of the agreement being entered into, or prior to the obligations under the agreement taking effect, whichever occurs first, and
  • within 30 calendar days of the agreement coming to an end.

Should you have any questions or seek guidance please contact Danielle, Kym or myself.


Beatrice Barnett