Treatment for Shock

This is a general notice for all NFA trainers and Co Providers..

This is further clarification regarding the current treatment for shock.

The Australian Resuscitation Guideline 9.2.3 states the following criteria for the management of shock:

• Control bleeding with direct pressure
• Call an ambulance ( 000)
• If unconscious manage as per the ARC Basic Life Support flow
• Rest the victim in a position of comfort ideally lying down
• Provide oxygen if available
• Maintain body temperature
• Provide reassurance

There is no longer any reference to elevation of the legs as a management procedure for the treatment of shock.

This has been the case previously however it has been removed from the ARC Guideline. The reasons are likely due to risk factors including possible pelvis, cervical / spine injury that could be exacerbated by elevating the patient’s legs.

NFA is required to ensure that course delivery is in accordance with the ARC Guidelines so therefore leg elevation is not to be taught as a management technique for treating shock in a patient.