I advise that the new Standards for registered Training Organisations 2015 have been released. They are available for review at the following link:

NFA recently attended an implementation workshop held by ASQA and we are now working through the various required changes.

The new standards must be implemented by April 1st 2015, so this will allow plenty of time for you to adjust these changes to the operations of your business.

Key changes:

A strict time frame of 30 days for the issuance of Statements for Attainment. NFA requires submission of correct course documentation within 7 days of the course completion date. This will be enforced otherwise Statements of Attainment may not be issued.

A new standard is strongly focussed on third party arrangements (Co Provider / Partnerships). NFA is currently reviewing / updating the Agreement which will be released in the New Year. Remember, Co Provider Agreements will be required for re submission in April 2015.

An increased scrutiny and focus on marketing / advertising practices will occur to ensure better understanding, no misinterpretation and improved clarity for participants.

Introduction of USI (Unique Student Identifier) numbers. Must be implemented by the 1st January 2015 or all submitted course assessment documentation will be rejected.

Moving forward, NFA will continue to monitor and advise regarding any changes to our systems and operations.

Regards Kym