Hello Co Providers,

I am wanting to update you and clarify a few issues please in regards to the submission process please.

NFA has over 80 Co Providers / Trainers all who have been given the same submission date. I am currently receiving up to 5 submissions per day. Please understand processing each submission takes some time to complete. We would appreciate your patience during this time; I will be in contact with you on the day you have submitted or the next to advise your status.


Please note you do not need to be logged into the website in order to complete the submission.
Please click on ‘Co Provider / Trainer” under the 1300 number – Co Provider Profile Renewal.

If you have recently joined the NFA team you will still need to complete the re submission process.
The VRQA and AQTF have changed trainer requirements and all RTO’s need to abide by these requirements in order to maintain registration.
NFA has restructured our website to make the process for trainers easier as all documents need to be sent electronically.

Please ensure you read all instructions CAREFULLY. Extensive time has been taken explaining basic requirements to trainers. We have designed this section on the website to provide thorough detail on how to complete the process and what is required. Please take the time to read all instructions.

Please ensure you have all documents verified where stated

A Working with Children’s check does not cover you for a Police Check you will need to provide both – We will accept a VIT card – these need to be VERIFIED

If you are submitting a Doctor, paramedic or nursing degree please make sure you attached the whole qualification this includes the transcript. The qualification is 2 – 3 pages long we required all pages VERIFIED please.
If you do not have these qualifications you will need to provided a current Level 3 Apply Advanced First Aid Statement of Attainment – VERIFIED

School Nurses – We will need copies of the Schools ABN registration and current insurance policy please – You are employed through the school so you are covered under them.

Please ensure you provide evidence of your PD – Updating to LLN covers you for your training and assessment PD and your first aid statements of attainment cover you for vocational education PD. You will need to print the last page off sign it then scan and upload.

NFA will honour documentation for statements of attainment up until 22nd April 2014. All requests sent after this date will not be processed until the submission process has been finalised.

If you have any further questions or queries please send me an email:

Kind Regards
Nikki Gorin
Office Manager