A Unique Student Identifier (USI) is a reference number made up of numbers and/or letters that gives you access to your USI account. This USI will stay with you for life and be recorded with any nationally recognised Vocational Education Training courses that you undertake from January 2015.

NFA will not be able to issue statement of attainment if USI number is not provided with your submitted enrolment form. You should request your client to have the USI ready prior to training.

A participant is required to apply the USI only once and refer to the assigned USI for any of their future training. NFA understand that logistically this could pose a problem at enrolment stage. If participant does not have an USI, our suggestion will be to apply for their USI with mobile devices or on-site computers on the training date. If participant has already been registered with a valid USI, NFA participant management system can access this USI when processing the statement of attainment.

The following are useful links regarding USI provide by Department of Industry.

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